Congolese and Angolan immigrants find housing in Old Orchard Beach - but the stay is temporary

Maine Public | By Ari Snider Published December 29, 2021 at 4:06 PM EST

With the summer tourists long gone and many of the hotels shuttered for the season, Old Orchard Beach is pretty quiet these days. But, once a week, one parking lot near the beach is bustling with families speaking Lingala, Portuguese, and French.

Asylum-seeking families find temporary housing in Old Orchard Beach motels

by WGMEThursday, December 30th 2021

The majority of the families came from the Congo, DRC and Angola.

Old Orchard Beach is known for bringing in tourists during the summer, but now it’s a temporary home for asylum seekers.

The families are staying in the Beau Rivage and Crest Motels.

Sergio, originally from Angola started his journey in the U.S. in Texas, then went to New York and now hopes to call Maine home.

“I like Maine and Old Orchard Beach,” Sergio said.

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