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July 2024:

Getting back on track with mixes by Jeff Tomei! Cleaning up tracks for “You Like to Bawl; I Like to Holler” and looking forward to a vinyl release in 2025. Inspired by recent performances by Charles Lloyd in Portsmouth (with favorite Brian Blade on drums), pyschadellic, Eastern, industrial SWANS in Boston and acclaimed Kurdish virtuoso on the Kamancheh, Kayhan Kalhor in Saugerties, New York, we are looking forward to seeing Sun Ra Arkestra, Built to Spill, and Tinariwen. Honorable must mentions for Santiago's Family Restaurant for Puerto Rican food and family music as well as Dallas Hot Weiners in Saugerties, NY (Greek dogs all about the sauce). 

January 2024: 

Happy New Year! After a weekend in Hartford, Connecticut, I was so pleased to join a diverse group of performers at One Longfellow Square in Portland, Maine, for their first open mic night where a grand time was had by all! My student Ben Emory and I had an amazing night at One Longfellow Square years ago, seeing Mark Olson from The Jayhawks. I am looking forward to this and other opportunities in 2024 as I continue to write and record for a future solo release and more collaboration with The Ladies Of,… as well as a very important project in the wake of the past year's event in Lewiston, Maine. 


October 2023: 

The first National Immigration and Integration Citizenship and Education NIICE Conference in Washington, DC, was a wonderful success. Utah, North Carolina, and Maine stood out as states on the forefront of immigration, workforce and economic development. Please watch the Heart of Biddeford video on the PRESS page, what a way to be welcomed back to Maine where I joined the Workforce Summit with the Rioux Institute and Heart of Biddeford at the University of New England. 

I am honored to take part in the first conversations regarding Governor Mills' Office of New Americans. We have made substantial strides in welcoming New Mainers into our communities. I will also be travelling by train (inspired by the City of Biddeford's Climate Change Task Force) to meet with longtime friend and climate writer Ginny Gewin who is wrapping up business for a climate change documentary based in Maine, then on to DC for the NIICE Conference, the first national immigration policy conference in the United States. Has there been time for music? Of course, I wake up with it, I walk with it, and luckily, my work inspires it! There are several new lyrical and instrumental songs ready to demo and I hope to have those online soon. Thank you for checking in! 


August 2023:

Last night was the highlight of my Summer! After a walk through Portland Maine, we dined at  Crispy Gai, where the double fried chicken and spicy buttermilk dressing transported me to my spiritual home in Mississippi, we attended the Portland Chamber Music Festival. The energy in the Old Port was a buzz, passing by an outdoor stage where Syrian rapper Assasi was performing with a local DJ. Next stop, SPACE, to see Jazz harpist Charles Overton and his current quintet perform. Lee Fish on drums, echoing the thunder of Art Blakey's toms and snare work reminiscent of the Blade Brothers, amazing slide work on the upright bass by Max Ridley, and Gregory Groover on tenor saxophone, I was immediately in heaven, tears in my eyes, feet tapping, amen. 

Summer 2023 Update:

Looking forward to The Ladies Of release, Coming Out Of Our Tenderness, as I continue to write and record for a solo release which will feature songs that I have written recently as well as material composed,... as far back as 30 years ago! Wow!

Post Covid! Sigh of relief. Fully vaccinated and continuing to work on a variety of music for a 202? VINYL release. 

A celebration of the life & music of Rob Aldridge   

It was truly an amazing show of community in Atlanta last weekend. On Sunday, November 21, members of Rob Aldridge's band Hollyfaith, Uma Jets, along with members of Cigar Store Indians, Month of Sundays, Follow For Now, Tender Idols,... joined together to celebrate an integral part of their lives. 40 musicians, friends, and family filled Smith's Olde Bar with joy, the room was buzzing! I shared a quote from Lena Horne (and I paraphrase): its not he weight that burdens us so, its how we choose to carry it. Experiencing the loss of a friend, a member of the music community, wrestling with that feeling of not being able to say goodbye when someone passes so young,... we've all felt enough isolation during Covid and this was an opportunity to come together and celebrate, to share the weight. It was a great deal to process! Kevin and Laurie, Kim, Kendell and Steve, Jeffrey Diamond, Jack and Jen Massey, James Hall, Darcey, Ian and Meg, Guy and Joe from Tender Idols, and much gratitude for taking all of this on and doing it so right: Danny Howes, what an amazing deal to manage and what an accomplishment! This is how we should come together in times like these! I'm still buzzing. 

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