A celebration of the life & music of Rob Aldridge  

It was truly an amazing show of community in Atlanta last weekend. On Sunday, November 21, members of Rob Aldridge's band Hollyfaith, Uma Jets, along with members of Cigar Store Indians, Month of Sundays, Follow For Now, Tender Idols,... joined together to celebrate an integral part of their lives. 40 musicians, friends, and family filled Smith's Olde Bar with joy, the room was buzzing! I shared a quote from Lena Horne (and I paraphrase): its not he weight that burdens us so, its how we choose to carry it. Experiencing the loss of a friend, a member of the music community, wrestling with that feeling of not being able to say goodbye when someone passes so young,... we've all felt enough isolation during Covid and this was an opportunity to come together and celebrate, to share the weight. It was a great deal to process! Kevin and Laurie, Kim, Kendell and Steve, Jeffrey Diamond, Jack and Jen Massey, James Hall, Darcey, Ian and Meg, Guy and Joe from Tender Idols, and much gratitude for taking all of this on and doing it so right: Danny Howes, what an amazing deal to manage and what an accomplishment! This is how we should come together in times like these! I'm still buzzing. 

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